Adam Hood

When Adam Hood was asked if he has a personal motto, he answered Do what you love and love what you do. Such a simple declaration sounds more like a cliché slogan from a motivational speaker than an actual way of life. How lucky is the man who is actually able to live by this credo? Think it is an impossible dream? Think again. This is the life of songwriter and artist Adam Hood. Such a lofty pursuit does not come easy. Forging a successful career in music can be challenging and has been hard earned for Adam. His journey, beginning with his early years growing up in Opelika, Alabama, to a fateful encounter with country music powerhouse Miranda Lambert, ended up taking him right where he was meant to be..

As a young man, this son of a corporate forester spent nearly 10 years in Alabama, working a real job surveying land and occasionally delivering arrangements for his mothers flower shop, all the while honing his craft as a writer and performer, using his day job as a means to support and develop his musical recordings. In 2001 upon the release of a self-produced and financed live album, 21 To Enter, he gave up working this real job and hit the road touring to support the record bringing along just his guitar. After a couple of years out of the road, 2003 brought the release of his first EP, 6th Street, which quickly earned attention and critical acclaim.